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Manoj is an accomplished leader across the corporate world and has held leadership roles in building strategy, leading large businesses, customer relationships and M&A. He strongly believes in empowering people and helps businesses to realise their true potential. His passion to innovate has helped to turn around several businesses across the world.

Manoj firmly believes that an organisation must always have a sense of purpose and must continually stay relevant to its stakeholders – people, clients, partners and shareholders. He is a big believer of sharper focus and has built and led high-performing, multi-disciplinary global teams.

He leads with intent, passion and pride - and firmly advocates the culture of learning to stay relevant. An exceptionally involved people person and inclusive leader, he strongly believes in empowering people.

Manoj Gupta has held various leadership roles across Industry including Qualitest, HCL, TCS and Hexaware. He played a key role at TCS and HCL in their growth journey to achieve $10 billion dollar milestone.

His pragmatic approach to make distinction between How to make a Living vs. How to Live has helped and motivated many people to re-evaluate their lives. He is a strong proponent of making things simple and practicing the mantra that Material success is just a part of Life, but not Life! He enjoys helping people and businesses to realise their true potential.

Aligning with this thought, Manoj has initiated the ‘Consciouspreneur’ community, for like-minded people to gain and share wisdom for prosperity while balancing their inner and outer worlds.

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He is a frequent speaker at various conferences and seminars and is well known as Trusted Advisor.

Outside of work, he loves reading, travelling, and spending time with family.

Note: All blogs, articles and opinions expressed here, on this website, are personal views only

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